Active reading on paper and on the screen

The physical process of reading – developing your visual agility

  • Adapting the eye movements to the layout of the text and reading objective: horizontal, vertical or diagonal sweep.
  • Training yourself to change the way your eyes move over the text.
  • Increasing your field of vision.

The mental process of reading – developing your mental agility

Efficient reading depends on the following five elements :

  • Motivation – what motivates us to read the text ?
  • Anticipation – what are the techniques to better anticipate the contents of a text and so approach the text in a more active way ?
  • Concentration – how do we keep up our attention while reading a relatively long and complicated text ?
  • Comprehension – how do we increase our reading speed while maintaining a good level of comprehension ?
  • Memorisation – what are the techniques for retaining information and recovering the essential information at a later date ?

Adapting the reading strategy to your objective

  • How to put in place the different reading strategies of scanning, skimming, sightseeing, in-depth, and reading for pleasure ?
  • Why are we reading a particular text and what is the strategy which is best adapted to that objective ?
  • Applying the strategy in a systematic way – what are the different steps of each strategy.

Reading on the screen

  • What are the differences between reading on paper and on the screen ?
  • How to avoid eye fatigue while reading on the screen ?
  • How to apply the reading strategies to reading on the screen ?
  • Exercises on the screen to develop concentration, to improve anticipation and improve comprehension.
  • The practice exercises constitute about 80% of the seminar and are contained in a participant's file and on the computer programme "Reading on the screen" developed by expert consultants from Centor Idep using the latest research from the scientific field.
  • Each participant has a PC at his/her disposal and each participant's progress on paper and on the screen is evaluated.
  • For each practice exercise, comprehension and retention of information is tested. 

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