Presenting with impact

Preparing and structuring your presentation

  • Determine the questions you need to ask yourself during the preparation phase.
  • Define the message and the objective.
  • Choosing the appropriate plan according to the objective.
  • How do you ensure the audience goes away with the message you intended to give ?
  • What to include in the subject, what not to include.

Importance of the first three minutes

  • How to create a positive first impression and make the audience want to listen to you.
  • How do you present your plan and structure the audience’s listening.
  • Use a strong opening statement to attract the attention of your audience.

How to deal with stress before and during a presentation

  • How to prepare yourself mentally and create a positive state.
  • Assess exactly what’s at stake in relation to the presentation.
  • Reduce negative stress.

Optimising your performance as a speaker

  • Train your voice to be dynamic as a speaker: using volume, modulation, speed, rhythm, articulation, pauses and breathing.
  • Use your body to maximum effect: coherence and utility of gestures, eye contact, facial expressions, posture, position …
  • How to be congruent in what you say and how you say it.
  • What allows you to create a real presence and be noticed ?

Handling the audience

  • Dealing with difficult participants.
  • Answering awkward questions.
  • Adapting to cultural differences.

Using visual aids

  • Use slides as a real visual aid rather than an “aide-mémoire” for the speaker.
  • Understanding the rules for clear slides.
  • Work in sub-groups and presentations from the trainer. Interactive plenary sessions.
  • Each presentation is filmed and feedback is given by the group, the trainer and the presenter.
  • Each participant receives a file. 

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