Succeed in your international negotiations

Preparing a negotiation

  • What are the ingredients for success in preparing a negotiation?
  • Defining the goal and the objective.
  • Setting your outcomes and defining what is non-negotiable.
  • Preparing the different arguments and anticipating objections.
  • Defining your margin for manoeuvre and what are your possible concessions.

The negotiation meeting

  • Consultation : using the techniques of questioning and reformulation to get the necessary information about the other party and their needs ; knowing when to move onto to the next stage of the negotiation.
  • Confrontation : developing your arguments ; using the different strategies and  their associated tactics ; dealing with objections.
  • Conciliation : bringing together the outcomes of each party ; finalising the deal and recapping on what has been agreed.

Bringing the negotiation to a constructive conclusion

  • Moving the discussion along.
  • How to get past a deadlocked position and negotiate with difficult people.
  • How to conclude to the advantage of both parties.

Dealing with cultural differences

  • The dimensions of a culture and their effect on negotiating styles.
  • Adapting to the culture of the other party.
  • The seminar contains 80 per cent practical exercises with specially written role plays which allow the participants to train in negotiating, while being recorded on video.
  • These sessions are followed by analysis of the recording and feedback on the application of the techniques. This feedback is complemented by theoretical input.
  • A file of the contents is given to each participant.

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